Business Model

Business model

The Humapps business model is for you to increase client loyalty, win new clients and build esteem as a thought leader and innovator, by giving your clients something of real value that they will use often and appreciate. Something that is strongly branded to you, as a reminder.

That something is information, gathered and sorted, available in their hand, on demand and up-to-date, via a phone or pad app (and as a desktop or laptop app if appropriate).

Every industry or sector or group uses information; most likely there is an important niche that you can fill, probably bringing together information or just contact details from disparate suppliers.

We can help you develop a viable app-business model, that can help grow your business, expand your brand – and deliver real value to the people you work with.

A successful app is more than a one-off promotion: it can grow over time, adding more and more value for its users, attracting new generations of customers and entrenching its publisher as a sector leader.

If you want, we’ll be there to help throughout the life of the business model.

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